Sustainable glassware collection shaped by the natural processes of mycelium growth

The original idea for a simple experiment has evolved into a unique method of glassware design thanks to a controlled process of mycelium growth. The Symboll collection constitutes a revolutionary and more ecological production method which is a technological pioneer in the use of mycelium in creating glassmaking moulds and glass production. In order to create such an innovative and complex piece of art, LASVIT has teamed up with Czech design studio LLEV.


The production of mycelial products is a very sustainable ecological production method. The use of naturally growing material as well as the waste of agricultural crops or sawdust from the joinery is a unique example of recycling and ethical production, which is sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

Each piece is unique

Thanks to this technology, each piece of the Symboll collection is unique. The glass imprint is always original as each form grows with a different structure. Mistakes can be beautiful and become the essence of our work with natural materials.

Shades of Symboll

The glassware collection is available in crystal clear, like pristine water, while the candle holder is made in smoky tones, symbolizing the rich underground world of mycelia

The Symboll collection was created as an answer to the question of humanity's problematic interaction with nature and the resulting glassware is the fruit of the production recipe which uses the mycelium mould as part of the glassmaking craft. The beverage set is thus a work of nature and human skill, making use of the processes of mycelium growth on beech sawdust, which is a byproduct of the production of furniture as well as of glass moulds.

When nature designs

“In the end, we simplified the original asymmetrical design of the glasses to support the uniqueness of the production process and let nature do its work. We see its major strength in simplicity and the rest is provided by a natural production process that modifies the structure of the glass into a very special surface,” add the authors.


The Symboll collection also includes wine and water glasses, whiskey glasses, beer glasses and long drinks, and there are also candle holders to decorate any table setting. All these are made of recyclable glass and the moulds are naturally degradable, even bringing important and natural nutrients to the compost. In fact, when any product made out of mycelium is used, it can be returned to where it was born – to nature – without any negative effects.


Czech design studio

"Like for many Czechs, our passion is mushroom picking. This is why we focused on refining design with the help of the currently largest organism in the world – mycelium. We are not the first, and certainly not the last, people to experiment with mycelium, which is basically a biological technology that literally grows under our feet," say Eva and Marcel Mochal, the founders of LLEV. “But along with LASVIT we are the first to experiment with it in glass production,”