Snow-capped mountain peaks in glass

The design of the new Glissade glassware collection was created by Yabu Pushelberg, the designers who brought us the refined Otto collection. Perfecting the intricate arrangement of angles, curves and textures of the Glissade collection required over three years of development and technical innovation by Yabu Pushelberg and the glass masters at LASVIT. Glissade faithfully evokes the snow-covered steep slopes of mountains while maintaining a unique visual balance and ensuring that the individual objects are pleasing to grasp.

Inspired by nature

Yabu Pushelberg designed the Glissade for LASVIT, and the shapes of the glasses ought to resemble sharp mountain peaks covered in downy snow.

3 years of development

Perfecting its angles, curves, and textures required more than three years of research and technical innovation by Yabu Pushelberg and LASVIT’s team of expert artisans.


The impression of the glass’ organic shape is ensured by three stark, sandblasted cuts. Its production was possible thanks to modern glass-working techniques developed by LASVIT's expert glassmakers.

Contenporary take on heritage Bohemian crystal.

Glissade’s frosted cliff-face effect is achieved through the initial mouth-blown shaping, and the glass must end up with more material at the base than at the rim. This technique results in a visual balance and a weighty feel that is reminiscent of heritage Bohemian crystal, adding a further dimension to Glissade’s decidedly contemporary appeal.

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg

Authors of the Glissade.

“The unique and exceptional craftsmanship of LASVIT allowed us to transform dream into reality. There is a sense of emotion and precision in our most satisfying work, a completeness when everything works in harmony. To glissade while mountain climbing requires grace, power, and finesse—this glassware is no different, resonating at multiple frequencies, yet presenting a unified and deliberate gesture.”