Gateways into our imagination

The idea behind Frames was to depict the very thin border that lies between our inner and outer worlds, reminding us of the precious moments in life when we felt fulfilled and joyful. Frames can be windows, doors, skylights, everything which connects our indoor sanctuary with the outside world.

Highly flexible

Frames are designed as stand-alone pieces that are light-art objects in and of themselves. Initially, these were intended to embellish mainly private residences, however it is also possible to create larger compositions tailor-made for more generous interiors.

Memory in glass

These glass circles differ in their unique textures, colors, and surfaces. Each of them represents an abstract view from the window or a distinctive memory of the experiences we crave to preserve.

Inspired by fine jewelry

Each object looks like a stylized window frame made of metal, decorated with beautiful architectural patterns inspired by fine jewelry, with an inserted glass circle.

Frames is a gateway into our imagination, symbolizing people’s desires as well as new prospects. This unique spacial concept complements the interior as a single element which is able to stand out, as well as create playful compositions among several of them. “Frames tell the story of our dreams and experiences transferred to glass,” describes Maria Culenova, head of the LASVIT Design Team and the concept’s author. 

Maria Culenova

Head of the LASVIT Design Team and the concept’s author

“Frames tell the story of our dreams and experiences transferred to glass. They represent the gateways into our imagination and reflect our desires as well as new prospects that await us. I wanted to capture unforgettable memories, thoughts and views through the beauty of glass”