Enter the private. Explore the concealed. Experience Sanctums

We all need a space. A space to call our own. A space that belongs only to us. A space in which we sometimes hide away in order to once again find ourselves. A space we make, and remake to our own image, shaping it to suit our needs. A space where time shifts and slows, moves in its own rhythm from the world outside. Where we can dream new dreams and shut our eyes to the everyday, the mundane. A place we return to from our time outside, a place where we hold inspiration firmly in our hands.

Private moments. Rarified experiences. Sanctified spaces.

These places are carefully and selectively curated, from the objects we place in them, to the light that flows through them. The spirit that infuses them. These places can only be described as the most private of spaces. The most personal. The inner-most. These are the places which grant us comfort and lift us up. These are our “Sanctums”.

“Our mission is to uplift everyone by creating breath-taking and immersive spacial experiences that touch the soul of every person who finds themselves in the space. We want our installations, artworks, collections and space to make spaces for our clients that not only evoke some beautiful feelings, but that can caress the soul. Our Sanctums exhibition is meant to rouse emotions, and not just by offering the experience of free-spirited, immersive theatre. We want to show our inner sanctums, our homes and private spaces. In Sanctums, we want to show how light makes space and how space makes feeling.”

says Leon Jakimic, owner and president of LASVIT.


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